"In the dance of the breezes, the damselfly whispers: 'True grace is in the art of transformation, a testament to resilience, and the courage to embrace change."
Joanne Shank, MEdWomen's Wellness and Empowerment Coach

Life Coaching Barrie

  • 6 Pivotal factors for growth and success:
  • Goal Setting
  • Knowledge Acquisition
  • Skill enhancement
  • Mindset development
  • Perseverance
  • Reflective feedback

Enhancing or transforming any aspect of your life involves refining six pivotal factors: goal setting, knowledge acquisition, skill enhancement, mindset development, perseverance, and reflective feedback. Whether you are seeking to foster more meaningful relationships, find a greater sense of peace and happiness in your daily life, reach new professional heights, enhance your health and well-being, or balance the demands of motherhood with personal aspirations, it all hinges on fine-tuning these 6 critical elements. But how do you achieve this?

Utilizing effective strategies, methods, techniques, and resources and having a trustworthy guide to accompany you on this journey are essential. A professionally trained coach will be skilled at helping you identify your strengths and the right combination of techniques and resources that align with your objectives and areas that need improvement. A coach will support you in setting goals, allowing you to prioritize and refine the 6 pivotal factors necessary for growth and change.

As an educator and coach with over 30 years of experience, I have honed the expertise necessary to help individuals discern what they require to flourish and learn across various life domains. My forte lies in empowering women to identify their strengths, pinpoint growth opportunities, and formulate a strategy for acquiring the essential skills and knowledge needed.

My career and personal experiences have equipped me with a deep understanding of how to apply these strategies effectively. I've navigated career advancements while undergoing personal challenges like divorce, learned to set healthy boundaries, and sought ways to enrich my relationships. Raising two children and overcoming significant lifestyle changes and unwanted habits have also been part of my journey.

This blend of academic, professional, and personal insights positions me uniquely to guide you from where you are to where you aspire to be. Above all, my passion for personal growth fuels my approach. The intricacies of human behaviour and psychology have captivated me since my late 20s, leading me to ask profound questions and never stop seeking answers.

I am devoted to guiding and empowering women like yourself in their personal growth and learning.


"Joanne is dedicated to helping others to improve their lives. I’ve attended her sessions on self-improvement, yoga and discussions about knowing your own worth. I get so much out of these events, and I can’t thank Joanne enough for being an amazing teacher."

Workshop Participant

"I am so glad I met Joanne Shank! She has an innate ability to make you feel comfortable and relaxed... Joanne truly listens without judgement and with the use of powerful questions, she allows you to tap into what is of most importance to you. I truly could not have gotten through these recent, challenging months, as well as I did, without her support... It is without reservation that I recommend Joanne as a coach."

Lucie Langevin-Neil

"As a colleague and mentor, Joanne proved to be an inspiring and influential individual. She is skilled at creating strong and trustworthy relationships and maintains confidentiality at all times. She has always motivated others to overcome obstacles and find the best solution."

Céline Dahary

"After working with Joanne for about 10 sessions I was very pleased with the results. Her questioning allowed me to increase my self-awareness and tap into my strengths. This allowed me to clarify and reach my goals."



Joanne was such a pleasure to work with. She was eager but relaxed and during a time when we have to constantly pivot when it comes to fundraising events, Joanne was easy extremely accommodating and was able to go with the flow. Joanne’s presentation and discussion on self-love and empowerment was a significant reminder for some and stark realization for others about the importance of ‘self-care’ and offered ways to techniques to practice self-love.

Katie Taylor 

         Development Manager at The Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie            


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