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Joanne Shank, MEd
Professional Life Coach

Welcome to my website. 

Let me tell you a little about myself….

I hold degrees in education, psychology, and economics. I have a Masters in Educational Leadership and am an ICF accredited coach.

I have over 30 years' experience working with individuals and teams as a teacher, coach, and leader.

Now that you know I've done my homework let me get real and share exactly why I do what I do.

As a young adult, I developed a passion for all things related to personal growth. I searched, and I read, and I continuously strived to apply what I learned to my own life. I wasn't one hundred percent certain of precisely what it was I was trying to find. There just seemed to be this nameless, unrevealed "thing" that was missing and that I needed to discover.

In my early forties, I experienced some significant changes in my life, one of which was the end of my seventeen-year marriage. I had a hard time understanding and accepting how all the work and soul searching I had done up to that point had somehow led me to such a discouraging and challenging place. I want to say that I handled this time of my life with grace and dignity, but the truth is, I was a train wreck. I turned to everything I could outside of myself for some form of peace and happiness. I desperately lacked self-confidence and a belief in my strength and personal power. I believed that I needed some outside force, person, or circumstance to save me and fix my life.

And then, one day, the universe stepped in and introduced me to my beautiful dragonfly. I tell the story of my serendipitous encounter with my dragonfly in the "Dragonfly Inspiration" section of this website. Suffice it to say that she changed my life and gave me powerful insights that continue to inspire and guide me. She helped me realize that everything I needed not only to survive but to thrive lay deep within.

I used what I knew about personal growth and set out to grow my toolbox of resources, strategies, and life skills. I realized that by cultivating four critical qualities in my life, self-love, self-care, self-awareness, and self-empowerment, I could overcome and accomplish anything. I learned step by step, one challenge at a time, to use those qualities to up level all areas of my life, and to support myself on my journey of transformation. I discovered what I had been searching for and realized it had been right there inside me all the time. It was my authentic self, where real power, strength, and self-love reside.

Today I passionately continue my journey. I look forward to all the incredible things I will learn. And I am excited about all the wonderful things I will continue to manifest in my life.

As a coach, I draw on my personal experiences as well as a wealth of skills and knowledge acquired as a teacher, mentor, and leader. I consider myself privileged to have the opportunity to inspire other women to cultivate self-love and dive deep into self-exploration to unveil their authentic selves. It is exhilarating to see women find the courage, resilience, and purpose necessary to transform challenges into opportunities and manifest their life on their terms.

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