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Joanne Shank, MEd
Professional Life Coach

Welcome to my website. 

Let me tell you a little about myself….

I hold degrees in education, psychology, and economics.  I have a Masters in Educational Leadership and am an ICF accredited coach.  I have over 30 years' experience working with individuals and teams as a teacher, coach, and leader.  

Now that you know I've done my homework let me get real and share with you exactly why I do what I do.

As a young adult, I developed a passion for all things related to personal growth.  I searched, and I read, and I continuously strived to apply what I learned to my own life.  I wasn't one hundred percent certain of precisely what it was I was trying to find. There just seemed to be this nameless, unrevealed “thing” that was missing and that I needed to discover it.

In my early forties, I experienced some significant changes in my life, one of which was the end of my seventeen-year marriage.  I had a hard time understanding and accepting how all the work and soul searching I had done up to that point had somehow led me to such a discouraging and challenging place. I want to say that I handled this time of my life with grace and dignity, but the truth is, I was a train wreck. I turned to everything I could outside of myself for some form of peace and happiness. I desperately lacked self-confidence and a belief in my strength and personal power.  I believed that I needed some outside force, person, or circumstance to save me and fix my life.

So I waited and waited and waited.

Until one day, I found myself once again, lying in bed, feeling sorry for myself, and begging the universe to save my poor pathetic soul.    Would a guardian angel or knight in shining armor appear and tell me what to do next?  I was sure that's what I needed. But the universe knew better.  Instead, it took me back a few years to a serendipitous encounter I had had with a beautiful and mystical creature and gifted me with new insights and clarity surrounding this encounter.  You see, at around the time, my life was falling apart, I had had the great honor of witnessing a damselfly transform from her nymph stage into her new and exquisite self.  At the time, this had filled me with much-needed inspiration and hope and had given me strength during the challenging times that followed.   But lying in bed, on this particular day, a deeper meaning to her presence was being revealed to me.  I realized that my damselfly’s message that day had been about self-realization and that she had been nudging me to examine myself and my life from a new perspective.  She was telling me that everything I needed to thrive was within and that I would have to undergo a transformation and bring forth my inner strength and power.

That is when I began to dive deep into self-care.  I used what I knew about personal growth and set out to grow my toolbox of resources, strategies, and life skills. I learned step by step, one challenge at a time, to use that toolbox to cultivate self-care in all areas of my life, and to support myself on my journey of transformation.

It is when we look back at the narrative of our life that we can find meaning and purpose.

I believe today that part of my life's purpose is to continue to learn and understand what it means to take care of myself genuinely and wholeheartedly.  This care goes well beyond simple physical needs.  It also tends to the needs of the soul and our innate need for self-realization.

The second part of this purpose is in sharing what I have learned with women like you,  women who have a deep knowing that they are intuitive and creative beings, and are wanting to dive deeper into that truth.

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