Discovery Session

Discovery sessions are usually 1.5 - 2 hours long. This allows us to meet and get to know one another. It also gives us the opportunity to identify and clarify areas that you would like to explore and confirm whether or not you feel I can be of help in supporting you towards meeting your goals. We will also discuss at that point what package or format of coaching best suits your needs.

About Coaching Packages:

  • Discounted Rates are Available to Students
  • All Sessions are 60 Minutes Long
  • All Packages include Ongoing Email Communications (if and when necessary)
  • Sessions can be done in person at my office, online or by phone
  • Sessions are offered in English or French

The following packages are offered in order to optimize the quality and efficiency of the coach/client relationship. This having been said, during the discovery session we will explore what format you are most comfortable with and identify what meets your particular needs.

Emerald Package

Includes 6 sessions over a period of about two months.

6 sessions will allow to clarify your goal and create and commit to an action plan.

You will get ongoing support allowing you to revisit your actions steps, hold yourself accountable and address any challenges that might come up.

Azure Package

Includes 12 sessions over a period of about three months.

This package is ideal if you are wanting to explore more than one area and establish a comprehensive long-term action plan.

For example, you might want to identify how you can develop a healthier lifestyle and work on some time-management strategies at the same time.

3 months gives you a realistic time frame to work with so that you can assure that your new behaviors have become habitual.

Amethyst Package

Includes 24 sessions over a period of approximately 6 months.

This package is perfect for you if you are wanting to commit to long term personal growth and learning.

6 months gives you the opportunity to visit different areas of your life and create a long- term vision, with goals and an action plan allowing you to move forward. Ideal for major life transitions.

Individual Sessions

These sessions are great for regular or returning clients who just need to tweak an action plan they are currently working on.

They are also a great way to work on a very specific action plan or situation that does not require ongoing meetings.

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